Allowance Clause in Employment Contract

If you provide an employee with a company car or car allowance, you must indicate this in their written work schedule or employment contract. 4.3Car Admission. Subject to the signing of a confirmation of the Company`s car allowance policy by the Executive (or any signature already registered), the Executive will receive a car allowance of $600.00 per month in accordance with GPM`s Car Allowance Policy, subject to all deductions and deductions required by law. Except to the extent that it is reimbursed as part of business travel expenses, gasoline must be purchased in a store operated or delivered by GPM using a fleet card provided by GPM, or, to the extent that the GPM fleet card cannot be used in such a store, a receipt must be submitted in a monthly expense report. (d) aid for motor vehicles. You will continue to receive a car subsidy of $14,000 CAD, gross per year, less statutory deductions and deductions. 4. Benefits. Your benefits are listed below. However, you understand and agree that the Company reserves the right to change, modify or terminate any plan or benefits program listed below at any time. Use the appropriate sections of our car or car allowance clause, where you provide a car to an employee or offer a cash allowance instead of a car (or the employee had a choice and opted for it).

It makes sense not to specify the exact specifications of the car to give you flexibility, so our clause follows this approach. The Company will provide the Manager with a company car or, if this is in accordance with local guidelines in accordance with the Company`s local policies, a car allowance. Accommodation costs agreed between the manager and the company as well as ancillary costs such as heating and electricity will be borne by the company until the end of 2019. Provision No. 13: Protection of employees` liability. Extending the protection of a limited liability company to an employee relieves him when he has to make important decisions with company-wide effect. The freedom to make difficult decisions without risking personal well-being is essential to a productive job of a manager or director. Employee limited liability consists of two components: directors` and officers` insurance (D&O insurance) and laws that provide for agent compensation.

Provision No. 5: Non-compete obligation. Very often, in employment contracts, ”non-compete obligations” prevent an employee from taking a position with the employer`s competitor, investing in a competitor or creating a competing business during his employment and for a certain period thereafter. The non-compete obligation must be appropriate in terms of time and space to be binding; A conservative non-compete clause could apply for two years after employment and prohibit competition within five miles of the employer`s establishment(s). If your non-compete obligation is aggressive, you may want to include a blue pencil clause in your contract. There are as many types of employment contracts as there are industries. A machinist, a university professor, and a nonprofit director all have unique contracts specific to their vocation. But there are universal provisions on which each single contract is built.

Elements such as scope of work, remuneration, duration and termination are indispensable in any employment contract, as they come into play 10 times out of 10. Other provisions such as non-compete obligations, contract work and confidentiality are protective measures. Still others act as incentives for valuable employees. .