Schimbare Contract Energie Electrica Eon

According to the above-mentioned law, prosumers who own units for the production of electricity from renewable sources with an installed capacity not exceeding 27 kW per place of consumption may sell the electricity produced and delivered to the grid to electricity suppliers with whom they have concluded supply contracts in accordance with the ANRE regulations. The value, conditions and method of provision and return of financial guarantees in the context of contractual electricity supply relations between final customers and electricity suppliers, including suppliers of last resort, determined by ANRE Regulation No 181/2018. The supplier of last resort (FUI) requires financial guarantees from the final customer in the following cases: (a) detection of actions by the final customer aimed at falsifying the information of the measuring instrument or stealing electricity by circumventing the measuring instrument; (b) the final customer is in a situation where his electricity supply is interrupted due to the non-payment of the equivalent of the electricity bills, at least twice during the contractual relationship, in the case of contracts with a maximum duration of 1 year or at least twice in the course of 12 consecutive months, in the case of contracts concluded for a fixed period of more than 1 year or for an indefinite period; Fui can request guarantees via the CEC tab or a cash deposit or bank transfer to the supplier`s bank account. The amount of the security shall be fixed in such a way as to cover, in the case referred to in point (a), the quantity of electricity consumed over a corresponding period not exceeding one year at the price of the electricity supplied. – the quantity of electricity estimated by the final customer for a period not exceeding 3 months at the price of the electricity supplied. The estimated electricity consumption is determined by the FUI on the basis of the average daily consumption achieved by the end customer in the last 6 months and, if this is not possible, on the basis of the consumption agreed by the parties at the time of conclusion of the electricity supply contract. The refusal to provide/update the financial guarantee entitles the FUI to ask the network operator to disconnect the end customer from the network! *The password reset link received by email is valid for 24 hours from the request until the change process is successfully completed or until a new password reset is requested. For security reasons and for things to proceed as specified in the contract, please let us know if you have your contact details, e.B. Change your mobile phone number. The contribution to high-efficiency cogeneration and how it is collected is defined in ANRE Regulation 123/2017. The contribution to high-efficiency cogeneration represents an amount due monthly by each electricity consumer for the promotion and development of energy production in high-efficiency cogeneration systems in order to increase energy efficiency and improve energy security in the Romanian energy market.

The procedure for switching electricity/gas suppliers shall specify the steps in the process, how payment obligations are cancelled and the exchange of data between the final customer and the economic operators involved in the process. If the place of consumption is not connected to the electricity/natural gas distribution network and you wish to benefit from the supply of E. ON, it is necessary to contact the distribution manager in your area to respond to the steps of connection to the network. The steps in the process of switching energy suppliers for residential and non-residential customers are described here. The necessary documents can be found here. The average selling price of electricity produced by E.ON Energie România in 2019 for domestic end-users benefiting from basic supply (SU) was 488.54 Lei/MWh. The contact details of electricity distributor operators are as follows: the regulated tariff for the supply of electricity set by ANRE has been abolished and replaced by the universal service price. Yes, you can return to universal service (SU).

The codes of the customer, the collection or the place of consumption at E.ON are numerical codes that are available to the customers on the invoice, the contract and in the E.ON Myline account. They help us to identify ourselves correctly in it systems and in your relationship with us, e.B. in payments, index submission, contract updates, etc. At E.ON, we have prepared for you 100 energy-saving ideas without sacrificing comfort, which you can see here The recovery process will be suspended if the AM does not agree with the takeover by FUIob. If the collection process continues, FUIob will provide the end customer with the take-back information, a document by which FUIob informs the acquired end customers of the reason and conditions for taking over the places of consumption that have no longer provided power from another source. Yes, you can pay for the value of the installation and the services associated with installation and commissioning in installments. The remaining services are invoiced monthly in the form of a fixed subscription on the gas consumption bill, which corresponds to the equivalent of the technical services provided during the term of the contract. The launch of the switching process takes place on the day on which the end customer has requested the switch of supplier by sending a notification within 21 days prior to the date of the switch of supplier under the conditions of the specific procedure for switching electricity/natural gas supplier developed by ANRE and approved by Regulation 234/2019. Find out how to calculate the value of your energy bill here. Here you will find the framework conditions for the supply of electricity and natural gas for the free market and the universal electricity market (SU). This includes your rights and obligations as an end user of energy as an individual. The general energy supply conditions for eligible customers can be found here and for Universal Electricity Service (SU) customers here.

The contract price consists of several components, depending on the type of energy, electricity and/or natural gas supplied, some of which are determined and regulated by the ANRE. Here you will find answers to questions about your contract and energy supply. You can use the ”Search” button at the top of the page to find the information you need faster. Excise duty is a tax levied by the state on certain consumer goods, including electricity. The payment of the tax by consumers is made through the consumption bill with the payment of the equivalent of the electricity consumed, and the transfer of excise duties to the state budget is made by the supplier. The electricity supplied shall be invoiced by the supplier on the basis of the electricity supplied during the billing period and, where appropriate, on the basis of other sizes used for billing, in accordance with the specific rules: complaints for the resolution of which it is necessary to cooperate with the distribution system operators shall be addressed to them in order to obtain a position on the issues raised by the customer; in accordance with the conditions of the power supply performance standard. .