Admonition Definition Biblical

Warning (7 occurrences). and admonishes you, (YLT). Titus 3:10 A sectarian man, after a first and second admonition, be rejected (see RSV). Isaiah 8:11 For …/a/admonishing.htm – Warning 8k (30 occurrences). 3. (n.) Notice. 4. (n.) be wary of hazards or errors or bad practices that result in danger; Warning; Warning. …/w/warning.htm – 15k letter Xliii. Warning to young people.

. TOU AGIOU BAChILEIOU PERI TOU PNEUMATOCh BIBLION. Letter XLIII. Warning to young people. O faithful man of solitary and practicing life. /…/Basil/Basil letters and selected works/Letter xliii Exhortation to the.htm An admonition at the end of the edict that no one. . Book II. Chapter LX. A warning at the end of the edict that no one should harass their neighbor. ”Again, don`t let anyone use it. /…/pamphilius/the life of Constantine/Chapter lx an admonition to the doctrine .htm (372 occurrences).

the priest-teachers, the Levites and the fathers sent by Jehoshaphat were one of enlightenment in the double sense of instruction and exhortation (2 Chronicles 19 …/t/teaching.htm – 62k The Exhortation. EXHIBITION OF THE APOCALYPSE. The warning. ”Behold, I come like a thief. Happy is the one who looks and keeps his clothes, so not. /…/Bliss/a brief commentary on the special conference apocalypse/exhortation.htm in Virginia. . eternal well-being. O parents, parents! Is this how you educate your children in the Lord`s education and exhortation? O remember. /…/bente/American Lutheranism/Special Conference in Virginia.htm Ephesians 6:4And, fathers, do not anger your children, but educate them in the Lord`s education and exhortation. (KJV ASV DBY WBS YLT) Titus 3:10A man who, according to the first and second remonstrances, is a rejected heretic; (KJV WEY ASV DBY WBS YLT) A warning to those who come to visit the sick.

. THE PRACTICE OF PIETY. A warning to those who come to visit the sick. Those who come to visit the sick must have special care. /…/bayly/the practice of piety/admonition to those.htm Ecclesiastes 4:13Better is worth a poor and wise youth than a foolish old king who can no longer receive exhortation. (WEB JPS ASV) Final warning. . Book IV, Chapter 39. Final warning. If, as may be the case, you want to know if there are many other points.

/…/Augustinian/Anti-Pelagian Writings/Chapter 39 Final Exhortation.htm Nutrients (16 occurrences). Ephesians 6:4 And the fathers! Do not provoke your children, but feed them in the Lord`s teaching and exhortation. (YLT). …/n/nourish.htm – 13k On Exhortation and Repentance. . On exhortation and repentance. 1. Doctrine is not coercion; of free will is the word of life. Whoso is ready to use the file.

Hymns and homilies of Ephraim the Syrian / on exhortation and penance.htm punishment (11 occurrences). A similar, but not identical, thought is found in Ephesians 6:4: ”Feed them in the lord`s chastisement and exhortation.” But when paideia is described as .. / c/chastening.htm – 15k These things I am forced by some. . Section 21. Those things I have to reprimand because of some little speeches? 21. Those things I am obliged to do. /…/Augustine/on the good of widowhood /section 21 of these things i.htm 2Ki 17:13; Nephi 9:29–30 See also Jdg 6:7–10; Times 2:1-4 The substance of a speech had between the writer of peace. . The substance of a speech had between the peace writer and me; when he came to reprimand me, according to the content of this law by which I was. Grace is abundant in the head of sinners/ the substance of all discourse.htm Proverbs 22:20Do I not record thirty proverbs in writing, with wise suggestions and knowledge, (See RSV) Proverbs 15:31The man whose ear is open to the doctrine of life will have his place among the sages. (See RSV) Declaration (117 occurrences).

(See VNI). 1 Thessalonians 5:12 But we ask you, brethren, to know those who work among you and who are in the Lord above you, and to rebuke you (see SIN). …/i/instruction.htm – 35k. Do not count him as an enemy, but rebuke him as a brother. 2Theme. 3. . Acts 27:9When a lot of time had passed and the journey was now dangerous because the fast had already passed, Paul rebuked them, (root in WEB KJV ASV WBS YLT NAS) If it is true that you are writing me a letter to rebuke me. . 7. If it is true that you write me a letter to rebuke me, and because you want me to be reformed, and because you do not want people to do it. /…/7 if true.htm.

ADMON`ISHED, S. Reprimanded; advised; warned; Educated. Col 3:16 See also Ps 141:5; Luke 17:3; Romans 15:14; 1. 5:14; 2Ti 3:16 ”It is I, do not be afraid.” Removed from Knox`s warning at. . ”IT`S ME, DON`T BE AFRAID.” FROM KNOX`S WARNING TO ENGLAND. ”Jesus spoke to them and said, `Be of good comfort, this is the case. /…/knox/the Chair of reformation n° 1 2 and 3 /it is I am not.htm 2. Discourage bad practices; to warn or advise; to warn of danger or misconduct; — followed by a clause against or subordinated. ADMON`ISHING, ppr. reprimand; Warning; Council; Direct.

Colossians 3:16 May the word of Christ dwell richly in you; teach and exhort one another wisely with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, sing to the Lord with grace in your heart. (Root in WEB KJV WEY ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV) Moses was rebuked by God when he was about to make the tabernacle. Heb. 8. A loving attempt to correct someone else`s attitude or behavior. Christians should exhort other believers. 1651. elegcho — expose, condemn, reprimand. condemn, convince, reproach, reproach. Of uncertain affinity; slander, reprimand – condemn, convince, say a mistake, reprimand, reprimand. (elenxai) — 1 occurrence.

. – 7k Let`s rebuke and correct each other. . Chapter LVI. Let us rebuke and correct each other. Let us therefore also pray for those who have fallen into any sin, this meekness. Chapter lvi admonish and.htm 2. Kings 2:42 The king sent and called Shimi and said, ”Didn`t I summon you by Yahweh and warn you by saying, `Know for sure that the day you go out and go abroad somewhere, you will surely die?` You said, ”The saying I heard is good.” (See RSV) How the leader, while living well, should teach and rebuke. . ROME, Part Three.

How the ruler, while living well, should teach and rebuke those under Him. Prologue. Since. /…/ of Leo the Great/Part III, like the ruler.htm Proverbs 15:5A foolish man does not value his father`s education; but those who have respect for doctrine have common sense. (See RSV) 4. In ecclesiastical matters, rebuke a member of the Church for an error, public or private; the first stage of Church discipline. It arises from or against; than to reprimand against a mistake made or against the commission of a mistake. It has a similar use in colleges. .

Numbers 24:14 And now here I go to my people: Come, I will exhort you, what this people will do to your people at the end of days. (DBY) Acts 20:31See and remember that for three years I did not stop rebuking everyone day and night with tears. (WEB WEY ASV DBY NAS RSV) ADMON`ISH, v.t. L. admonish, ad and moneo, to teach, warn, reprimand. Pr 13:18; Pr 25:12 See also Pr 15:5; Eck 7:5; Jer 2:30; Jer 5:3; Jer 7:28; Zep 3:1-2,7-8 Pr 22:6; Ephesians 6:4 See also Gein 18:19; Deuteronomy 11:19; Pr 13:24; Pr 19:18; Pr 22:15; Pr 23:13 2Ti 4:2 See also 1 Cor 4:14; Col 1:28; 1. 5:12; Titus 2:15; Titus 3:10 The Marcionite interpretation of God and De Mammon refutes it. . Chapter XXXIII. The Marcionist interpretation of God and Mammon refuted The prophets justify Christ`s exhortation against greed and pride. . Chapter xxxiii the interpretation of.htm 1. To warn or report a bug; to be reprimanded with clemency.

Lamentations 2:13What am I to testify to you? What can I compare to you, daughter of Jerusalem? What do I have to compare you so that I can comfort you, the virgin daughter of Zion? Because your breakup is as big as the sea: Who can heal you? (See NAS) Psalm 81:8 Listen, O my people, and I will testify to you: O Israel, if you would listen to me! (See JPS NAS RSV). . . . .