Will You Take to Be Your Lawfully Wedded

Do you (the kids) take __ as your step by step (mom/dad) and your friend, accomplice and ally to love and embrace as long as you are all together? ”I (we) do it.” (Do you, the children of the bride and the children of the groom, take others to be your (sister/brother) and your friends, through fighting and fun, as long as you are all together?) Because of the vows they have made today, BRIDE and GROOM have started a whole new family. To complete their commitment to this new family, they want to include their children: CHILDREN`S NAMES and recognize them as an integral part of this marriage (each receiving a medallion to symbolize their new family unit). Do you offer your best advice and give your most sincere support with all the love you need to give? Chancellor/Minister: Are you ____ free to legitimately marry ____Man/woman: I am. To the groom: __________take you Frau_________to to be your legitimately married wife, to have and consider yourself richer or poorer in disease and health, in good times and misfortunes, to consider yourself only for them as long as you both live? If so, answer with ”I WANT”. Not everyone should memorize their vows. . However, if you can tolerate a little hard work in advance to remember the vows word for word, nothing beats the effect of pulling them properly. Memorizing your vows makes the experience more poetic in the moment than stumbling upon your words on the spot. GROOM, you rejoiced in the highs and endured all the lows of marriage, and you showed the strength and wisdom it takes to persevere. With an intimate knowledge of what such a connection entails, do you always choose BRIDE to reaffirm your marriage promises? ______ and ____ and __, when you come on this day to affirm your love and dedication, you may always remember to appreciate each other as special and unique individuals, and to respect each other`s thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

May you be able to forgive and forget when you are wronged, and live each day so that you can share it together – for from that day on you will be the home, comfort and sanctuary of the other. My friends, I accept this my friend [name] as my spouse who, through divine help, promises to be a loving and faithful spouse to him/her as long as we both live on earth. [12] ”Do you take ____, _____ as your legitimately married wife/husband to love, honor, and appreciate?” And do you promise to acknowledge your expectations of each other based more on what you now know as reality and less on what you`ve discovered to be fantasy? When marriage vows begin, the bride and groom say they take each other as husband or wife. What does it mean to take someone into marriage? In modern America, this explanation may seem too possessive. What do you think you`re going to take me? However, the concept of bringing someone into marriage is to accept them completely. You take his talents, his mistakes, his dreams, his failures and his potentials. You embrace it forever as a part of yourself. Traditionally, all of them let the groom pronounce his vows first, followed by the bride. In some cases, the couple may choose to say them in harmony with each other. Usually, the couple faces each other and shakes hands for their vows. [Name], do you accept [name] as your legally married [wife/husband]? Do you promise to love and appreciate her, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, for the richest for the poorest, for better for worse, and to abandon everyone, to stay with her as long as you both live? Your email address will not be published.

The obligatory fields are marked * Do you take GROOM to be your legitimately married wife, to share your life openly, to stand with her in sickness and health, in joy and sorrow, in distress and lightness, to appreciate and love more and more? ”Let`s take the first step to providing our household with nutritious and pure food and avoid foods that interfere with a healthy life. Writing down your own vows allows you to personalize exactly what you want to say to your partner, but sometimes the stress of putting into words how you feel is so overwhelming. I wrote a blog post about writing your own wedding vows to give you some ideas and offer a Vows That Wow workbook to make the process less stressful, but don`t feel obligated to write original vows. I love traditional wedding vows and you could too. GROOM, do you take BRIDE as the woman of your time, the companion of your heart and the friend of your life? Stand united in the face of need and bask together in the light of happiness? With these words spoken and all those that are not yet said, do you want to marry BRIDE and connect your life with hers? I ____ take you ____ as my married wife/husband. ”Finally, let us take the seventh step and be true companions and remain partners for life through this marriage.” Do you promise to accept it as it is, to share it with it and to support it through the experiences of your life, whether easy or difficult, happy or sad, difficult or daily, until the death from which you divorce? ”_____, thou shalt take ____ to be thy wife/husband; Love him, honor him and cherish him now and forever? Are you ready to accept both the rights and duties of married life? If so, say so. Do you intend to support, honor, defend and support each other in all circumstances? So I say: Yes, with God`s help. ”Let`s take the sixth step towards self-control and longevity. Will you, ______, make this man/woman from this day your married wife/husband, in moments of celebration, in moments of sadness, in moments of pleasure and in moments of pain, in moments of illness and in moments of health? If so, let`s say I will. ”_____,, I take you as my wife/husband, with your flaws and strengths, just as I offer myself to you with my mistakes and strengths. I will help you if you need help and contact you if I need help. I choose you as the person with whom I will spend my life. ”Will you, take_____ be your wife/husband and promise to appreciate and protect her, whether in happiness or in difficulties, and to seek with her/him a life sanctified by the faith of Israel? DO YOU TAKE GROOM BRIDE, which you now hold by the hand, as your rightful married wife? In the presence of God, our family and friends, do you, WIFE, take your SPOUSE as witnesses to be your husband, your life partner and your only true love? The 7 Pheras or Saptapadi are the true essence of a Vedic marriage.

It is only when the bride and groom pronounce the 7 vows that hold the holy pyre as witnesses, that they are called married. The bride and groom hold hands and make seven turns around the Agni, promising to be together for eternity. .