Where Can I Donate Formal Dresses near Me

Short and long formal dresses in current styles, less than 5 years old, just like you see in stores Clean and ready dresses, bridesmaid dresses Shoes coordinated with dresses Costume jewelry Small handbags and stylish handbags Becca`s Closet is a charity that focuses on donating prom dresses, back-to-home dresses and bridesmaid dresses, then give them to deserving high school girls, so they can wear them to the prom. Their donations are tax deductible, but they require the dress to be new (within the last five years, so it`s fashionable) and also clean and intact. (You can click the link to see all the details.) Becca`s Closet welcomes donations of new and lightly worn long and short formal dresses of all sizes, especially small sizes (0-4) and large sizes (16 and above). You`re welcome! No wedding dresses, business clothes or everyday clothes! Not sure if your dress is appropriate? Check out some of the guidelines listed below. I`m looking for a place in the Kansas City area to donate clothes with Covd that I`m having trouble finding where you can help? Thank you for your donation to Becca`s Closet, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (tax ID #20-0180226). The clothes are given to high school students who cannot afford to buy formal clothing for their return home and proms, and who would otherwise not be able to attend these events. The donor did not receive any goods or services (in whole or in part) in exchange for this contribution. Becca`s Closet can only present this receipt on the day of donation as proof of donations. This document serves as confirmation of your donation. Ask your tax advisor about the requirements for tax deductions for donations. Becca`s Closet cannot determine or confirm the value, quantity or inventory of donated goods.

Becca`s Closet only accepts goods in good second-hand condition. Complete the following section and keep this document for tax purposes. Please list donated items or attach a separate invoice: Before she died in a car accident at the age of 16, Rebecca Kirtman had launched a ”clothing campaign” to collect clothes and accessories for other students that they would otherwise not be able to afford. Becca`s efforts continue in the organization that bears her name: there are chapters across the country. Each chapter deals with its own gifts and distributions. Goodwill, perhaps one of the most well-known organizations that accepts donations, is a great choice when it comes to donating new or lightly used molded clothing. Items donated to goodwill not only offer the opportunity to purchase items at a greatly discounted price, but factory outlets also offer employment opportunities for people with disabilities and those with disabilities that result in a lack of financial independence. All Goodwill stores accept donations of new and lightly used clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. All donations are tax deductible. These dresses and dresses are certainly not the kind of items you`ll wear frequently (at least for most people), and depending on when these dances and other particular events took place, the dress itself may no longer be fashionable or your current size.

This week, as part of the Declutter 365 missions, we`re focused on decluttering your wardrobe, including excess dresses and other formal clothing. As you work on this mission and go through all the dresses hanging in your closet, you can come across special dresses and dresses that you`ve worn at proms, formulas, dances, weddings, and other special events in your life. Please note that this article usually talks about where prom dresses, return dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and similar types of dresses can be given. Ideas for donating your wedding dress can be found here, for the very special dress. If your prom or other formal clothing is more than five years old, here are some more ideas on where to donate these items from your wardrobe. The Giving Gown Foundation collects donations of new and new dresses and formal accessories and makes them available free of charge to high school girls who otherwise would not be able to attend their official events. Cinderella`s Closet in Freehold, New Jersey has been around for over a decade. The mission of the non-profit organization is to provide the opportunity to equip the prom to those who would otherwise not be able to participate due to a lack of financial resources. To date, Cinderella`s Closet has been able to provide dresses to hundreds of students and looks forward to continuing to support students in the years to come. So I looked for places where readers could donate prom dresses in their own communities, and I found that there are a number of organizations spread across multiple locations. Here`s what I found to donate a dress or buy one for free (or nearby) – if you know of any other organizations that offer such a service, let us know in the comments. There are many places where you can donate relatively new prom dresses, but I know Becca`s closet better.

Spring cleaning is fast approaching and what better way to give back to the community than to those who need it? Cleaning your wardrobe and donating your unused pieces or even some of your favorite pieces that haven`t received love lately can be beneficial for you and for someone who is looking for the perfect outfit for their next interview or date. We`ve compiled a list of places where you can donate new or lightly used formal clothing in North Jersey, including dresses, tuxedos, and business clothes. This multi-state organization not only collects clothes and accessories for girls who want to participate in the prom, but also helps men in financial need with the cost of renting tobacco (which can also be expensive). Take a look at some of the children they`ve helped: Gaining financial independence after difficulties isn`t an easy task. Dress for Success, a national organization, is committed to helping women do this every day by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Part of the Dress for Success toolkit is a proper and professional outfit, as it is an essential part of getting a job and a sense of confidence – especially during the interview process. .